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> Source/WebCore/ChangeLog:9
> +        Take gapBetweenItems into account during RenderFlexibleBox::layoutColumnReverse.

Sorry for adding another review loop, but this should be a higher level description of the change instead of a literal description of the code change. The point is to let others not specially familiar with the code graps an idea about what the patch fixes. I'd write something like:

"Whenever flex-direction: column-reverse is specified flexbox does always compute the flex item sizes and positions ignoring the -reverse direction until the very end. After completing the computations we just need to swap offsets to get the reversed positions. The code was properly considering space between items added by content justification but it was not adding gaps. Fixed it by adding the gap size to the flex items' offsets"

Feel free to adapt it, the key is that you have to explain what the problem was and how it was fixed.

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