[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 233925] Cocoa UI-side compositing compositor does not hold use count of layer contents before CA commits

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--- Comment #1 from Kimmo Kinnunen <kkinnunen at apple.com> ---
Something along the lines of:

UI-side compositing, WP part should:
1) increase the use count when iosurface is marked to belong to a ImageBuffer (during image buffer construction)
2) draw to the image buffer
3) convert the image buffer to a insurance by marking the image buffer as "not in use" (e.g. transfer the use-count to the holder of the iosurface reference)
2) send the iosurface to the UI process

UI-side compositing, UI part should:
1) convert the iosurface reference to iosurface, adopting the use count
2) put the iosurface to CALayer
3) commit the transaction
4) destroy all iosurfaces, releasing the adopted use count 

When recycling the spare image buffers to new display buffers, WP part should:
1) check if use count == 0, e.g. that the image buffer is not in use anymore
2) convert the image buffer to in-use image buffer (e.g. increment the use count)

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