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wrt the suggestion to run memtest, i've not had bad RAM in the 30 years i use computers, I've experienced it professionally just once. It is not something i tend to agree with but who am i to say.

What i do notice is the bugs for any issue i reported tend to happen in a specific address range which i attribute to specific loading points if i can name them as such. 

Sadly and obviously i'm not apt at distinguishing what type of address is on topic.

Running checksec (https://github.com/slimm609/checksec.sh) I noticed all process which have repeat coredump are not 'entirely strong', for eolie this means no PIE, no seccomp. I assume seccomp is not as relevant to memory randomization but PIE is afaik.

ps -ef | grep eoli
myuser     118370    4732  0 15:00 ?        00:00:00 python3 /usr/libexec/eolie-sp
myuser     594045    4951  1 15:46 ?        00:00:12 python3 /usr/bin/eolie

For example

checksec --proc-libs=118370
* System-wide ASLR (kernel.randomize_va_space): Full (Setting: 2)

  Description - Make the addresses of mmap base, heap, stack and VDSO page randomized.
  This, among other things, implies that shared libraries will be loaded to random 
  addresses. Also for PIE-linked binaries, the location of code start is randomized.

  See the kernel file 'Documentation/sysctl/kernel.txt' for more details.

* Does the CPU support NX: Yes

* Process information:

         COMMAND    PID RELRO           STACK CANARY            SECCOMP        NX/PaX        PIE                     Fortify Source
         python3 118370 Partial RELRO   Canary found            No Seccomp       NX enabled    No PIE                  Yes

    RELRO           STACK CANARY   NX/PaX        PIE            RPath       RunPath   Fortify Fortified   Fortifiable

* Loaded libraries (file information, # of mapped files: 1):

    Partial RELRO   Canary found      NX enabled    No PIE          No RPATH   No RUNPATH   No Symbols    Yes   14              39

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