[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 229152] REGRESSION(r280382): [GTK] 2.33.3 does not build with gtk-doc enabled, installs broken pkg-config files

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Tue Aug 17 08:51:56 PDT 2021


--- Comment #11 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org> ---
I think we'll need to run apply-build-revision-to-files.py first, since updating @BUILD_REVISION@ is the first step that needs to happen, *then* do CMake configure in a separate step. Yes? Because the way it is now, if we switch from ${BUILD_REVISION} to @BUILD_REVISION@, then CMake is going to replace @BUILD_REVISION@ before apply-build-revision-to-files.py runs, and then the python script will do nothing. So we'd need to switch from *.in suffix to *.in.in. Phil, do you agree?

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