[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 211559] Web Inspector: Sources: Hidden breakpoints status (enabled/disabled) is not consistent

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--- Comment #10 from Valentin Gjorgjioski <gjorgjioski at gmail.com> ---
The only thing I can imagine is that this option "All requests" was there in the list, and was enabled, but pane/graphics was not drawing / was hiding this option for some reason (maybe it was too small and wasn't shown?!). So after me clicking from the toolbar the pane redrew and I could see it. I have no other explanation. 

Another thing, it seems that bug #211558 appears ONLY when "All requests" is enabled bellow. Please see the video in that bug.  I had breakpoint "All requests" for that video enabled. This was not done intentionally, but now when I am writing this comment I just conclude that. 

So, since I could simulate these two bugs all the time the previous few days, and at least one other guy also asking on stack-overflow and on apple community, leads me to a conclusion, this group of breakpoints was indeed enabled but for some reason was not shown in the pane.

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