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--- Comment #1 from Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez <clopez at igalia.com> ---
This 3 tests were added to WPT from Mozilla bug https://bugzil.la/1526567
See also the Chromium https://crbug.com/890278 which is also related to this issue.

As fas as I can see there are several bugs contributing to the failures on this tests.

For example, on css/css-grid/grid-items/grid-item-percentage-sizes-001.html we have this:

Row1 : .hl  .item { writing-mode: horizontal-tb; direction:ltr; }
Row2 : .vrl .item { writing-mode: vertical-rl; direction:ltr; }
Row3 : .vrr .item { writing-mode: vertical-rl; direction:rtl; }
Row4 : .vll .item { writing-mode: vertical-lr; direction:ltr; }
Row5 : .vlr .item { writing-mode: vertical-lr; direction:rtl; }
Row6 : .sll .item { writing-mode: sideways-lr; direction:ltr; }
Row7 : .slr .item { writing-mode: sideways-lr; direction:rtl; }

There are 7 rows with diferent writing-mode. And each row has 7 columns.

Each one of this 7 columns tests different combinations of min-height/min-width, max-height/max-width and width/height.

Here is the first row (extracted from the test): https://codepen.io/cl0p3z/pen/abOXjRz
On Chrome and Firefox the last 3 blue squares have a small size, but not on WebKit.

It looks something perhaps related to min-width/min-height, it seems on WebKit that has preference over width/height?

On top of that, on the rows with vertical writing mode there are more failures, so I guess perhaps some of those are related to bug 180633 ?

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