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--- Comment #9 from Milan Crha <mcrha at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to Darin Adler from comment #8)
> That’s something we don’t agree on.

Partly. You kind of contradict that statement lower in the comment. See my adds:

> WebKit often moves dependency forward and it’s a non-goal to work around
> bugs in very old versions of dependent libraries.

I definitely agree with you in this, there are no resources to try to build with every single combination of the libraries out there. Neither the software should fix bugs in the libraries it uses, that's not the way it's supposed to work by all means. There are sometimes workarounds, but the rule of thumb should be: fix the library, not me, thus everyone will benefit from the fix.

> Yes, the WebKit package should clearly state the dependency on a newer
> version of ICU. Let's fix that!

This makes us agree on the subject :)

> > The other way around is to make the software working in the older versions
> > as well.
> Easier said than done.

I know. I'm sorry for the language, it was supposed to be sarcastic and hopefully (at least partly) funny by pushing into the extremes, but s I re-read it it didn't make it. I'm sorry.

> I’m not sure I agree. Is this the only problem with older ICU? We don’t test
> with those older versions and there is no guarantee this is sufficient.

I cannot answer the above question. My comments about the patch were more or less generic, knowing the issues with conversion between signed and unsigned types and what issues it can cause.

As long as you bump the version of the ICU requirement it's fine to ignore the patch.

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