[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 207119] Enable offlineasm debug annotations for GCC

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Wed Mar 25 10:07:58 PDT 2020


--- Comment #18 from Angelos Oikonomopoulos <angelos at igalia.com> ---
Thanks for the comments everyone!

Updated patch with the following changes:
- add a separate target for LowLevelInterpreter.cpp (so we only need to wrap one compiler invocation). Drop cxx-wrapper.
- prepend postprocess-asm to the target's RULE_LAUNCH_COMPILE property, so that we respect the ccache setting.
- add licence headers to the two remaining scripts.
- untabify CMakeLists.txt.
- unconditionally emit marker symbols around the top-level inline asm statement in LowLevelInterpreter.cpp, as this has nothing to do with the build toolchain and everything to do with the ability to debug using gdb. However, clang doesn't currently support __no_reorder__ so this is effectively a no-op.

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