[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 207119] Enable offlineasm debug annotations for GCC

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>>> Source/JavaScriptCore/CMakeLists.txt:149
>>> +  set(CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_LAUNCHER "${JavaScriptCore_SCRIPTS_SOURCES_DIR}/cxx-wrapper")
>> This will conflict with ccache. Maybe append to ${CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_LAUNCHER} ?
> Good point.
> But i think it should prepend (not append). The shell script wrapper should execute before than ccache.
> Otherwise ccache will think the shell script its the compiler and would cache the hash of the shell script instead of hashing the hash of the real compiler.

Indeed. While actual compiler doesn't produce .o file here, ccache should still be able to cache generated assembly file.

>>> Source/JavaScriptCore/Scripts/postprocess-asm:1
>>> +#!/usr/bin/env ruby
>> Script is missing license header. Also I heard there were problems with /usr/bin/env shebangs in some distros
> That its a guideline fedora has for shipping executable scripts in fedora packages.
> This is a build script, not part of what gets installed, so its ok.
> See bug 208970

Is generate generate-gtkdoc installed? I thought it was also build-only.

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