[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 209292] CSS hover and pointer media queries not working with iOS 13.4 mouse support

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--- Comment #6 from Devon Govett <govett at adobe.com> ---
> On balance, I think it would be better if thoughtful sites kept their layout touch-suitable even when a pointing device is attached, which suggests those should be always false.

I would agree for (pointer: fine) (it should always be false), but for (hover: hover) it would be nice if it changed dynamically depending on what the user is using. For example, if wrapped in a hover media query, you could apply hover effects only when the user is hovering over an element with a mouse and not when using touch.

The :hover pseudo selector is sticky with touch: tap once to get the hover effect, tap again to remove it. In cases where the hover effect isn't important for touch, we can use the hover media query to enable it only for mouse input. For that reason, I think it's important that the media query match while using a mouse, and not match while using touch.

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