[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 208129] [GTK] Stop using gtk foreign drawing API to style form controls

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--- Comment #20 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #16)
> (In reply to Carlos Garcia Campos from comment #14)
> > For GTK3 the only solution I see is to bring back the old code and add a new
> > setting (useSystemAppearance), disabled by default, that apps can use to
> > keep the consistency.
> Compromise proposal: do this, but enabled by default, and only for
> scrollbars. 

Sounds good to me.

> All the web form controls can use Adwaita theme. Scrollbar is
> going to be more important than form controls since having a non-native
> scrollbar will look really out of place. The rest is just web content, and
> it's not expected that web content look native. Then when GTK 4 comes
> around... well, I don't know what to do for GTK 4, but I think retaining
> native scrollbar would be enough to avoid most complaints.

Makes sense.

> Maybe we could
> try moving the scrollbar to the UI process, except when it's actually themed
> by websites (in which case it has to be in the web process no matter what).

That would be a lot more work and very difficult to do it right.

> Maybe we could add a config file or some other way of configuring a color
> scheme on top of Adwaita that Yaru and Granite (and other themes) could use,
> without creating a completely separate RenderTheme class that would be tough
> to maintain.

Benjamin Otte suggested something similar, GTK themes could include a file with color definitions to be used by WebKit and/or other browsers (at least the selection colors). That wouldn't fix the scrollbars, though.

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