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--- Comment #14 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #13)
> Hm, it's a bit different from Nicosia because the name Nicosia was largely
> arbitrary and WebKit-specific; we could replace Nicosia with FINLAN and it
> would make nearly as much sense. In contrast, Adwaita is the name of an
> existing popular upstream project that should be immediately recognizable to
> anyone working on Linux, and it's certainly easier to write than
> RenderThemeGTKAndWPE. The likelihood that we'll eventually have multiple
> hardcoded themes is quite high; Ubuntu, our biggest distributor, is going to
> be very unhappy and is sure to want a RenderThemeYaru. elementary OS will be
> very unhappy and want a RenderThemeGranite. Etc. We can't please everyone,
> but it's unlikely that Adwaita will remain the only supported theme.

That's not the plan, though. The idea is to have our own single theme and assume that we are going to lose the consistency with other apps. We have started the default theme based on adwaita to minimize the impact for users who don't change the default theme.

> We should probably blog about this very soon, by the way, because it's a
> real big deal and will affect LTS distros when they update to 2.30. It's
> also likely to cause a serious adoption problem; it's possible that Ubuntu
> won't be willing to update to 2.30 until Yaru support exists, but we're not
> going to want to write a Yaru theme ourselves, and Ubuntu's not likely to
> want to do it themselves either, so stalemate is likely....

For GTK3 the only solution I see is to bring back the old code and add a new setting (useSystemAppearance), disabled by default, that apps can use to keep the consistency. I understand it's not the same for a web browser like ephy, that would be inconsistent with other apps, than other apps like evo that would be inconsistent with itself (web views will have a scrollbar while other widgets will have others).

There's no solution for GTK4, foreign drawing is not supported and it's not even possible to ask GTK for the selection colors to keep a minimum consistency.

I don't know what else we can do from WebKit, to be honest.

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