[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 208753] [WPE] some tests are flaky crashing in HeadlessViewBackend::displayBuffer

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Lauro Moura <lmoura at igalia.com> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|[WPE]                       |[WPE] some tests are flaky
                   |http/tests/referrer-policy- |crashing in
                   |anchor tests are flaky      |HeadlessViewBackend::displa
                   |crashing                    |yBuffer

--- Comment #2 from Lauro Moura <lmoura at igalia.com> ---
This seems to be more graphics-related than a referrer-policy-anchor specific issue.

It appeared too in the following tests from the same build:

* http/tests/adClickAttribution/attribution-conversion-through-image-redirect-with-priority.html
* http/tests/adClickAttribution/second-conversion-with-higher-priority.html
* http/tests/cache/partitioned-cache.html

And also for the following from bug 202732:

* http/tests/adClickAttribution/expired-attributions-removed.html
* http/tests/adClickAttribution/second-attribution-converted-with-higher-priority.html
* http/tests/adClickAttribution/second-attribution-converted-with-lower-priority.html
* http/tests/adClickAttribution/store-disabled-in-ephemeral-session.html

Running the first two of this last block seemed enough to crash at least one of the tests almost half of the time here:

* 20 runs: 9 crashes in the second test

With run-singly:

* 20 runs: No crashes.

Maybe something in the headless backend is not being cleared up right between test runs?

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