[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 208642] REGRESSION: (r257905) [ Mac wk2 Debug ] media/modern-media-controls/tracks-support/tracks-support-no-tracks.html is flaky crashing.

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Thu Mar 5 09:26:36 PST 2020


--- Comment #4 from Ryan Haddad <ryanhaddad at apple.com> ---
ASSERTION FAILED: !m_isolatedWorld->isNormal() || m_wrapper || !m_jsFunction
./bindings/js/JSEventListener.h(111) : JSC::JSObject *WebCore::JSEventListener::jsFunction(WebCore::ScriptExecutionContext &) const
1   0x7d16190b9 WTFCrash
2   0x7b4ca328b WTFCrashWithInfo(int, char const*, char const*, int)
3   0x7b6f982ea WebCore::JSEventListener::jsFunction(WebCore::ScriptExecutionContext&) const

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