[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 197947] [GTK] Should use light theme unless website declares support for dark themes in color-schemes property

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Tue Jan 28 14:48:12 PST 2020


--- Comment #21 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at gnome.org> ---
(In reply to Michael Catanzaro from comment #20)
> Thanks Carlos, this was a huge help. I'll test it soon to verify it fixes
> older unpatched Evolution, and to check out its behavior in Cassidy's test
> cases.

OK, it fixes the Evolution/Geary regression as expected. Great!

It also fixes Cassidy's third test in comment #3, dark style, which was previously broken.

It badly fails Cassidy's first two tests though (neither of which passed before). Test #1 (no style) is now worse than before because it now uses black text (as desired) instead of light text (not desired) on a dark background (not desired). Test #2 (some style) is a little better than before, but still pretty bad. We need to pass these tests to be web-compatible. The problem is that you've now fixed the text color and all the form controls, but the background color is still wrong because the web process background is transparent, so the web content is displayed over the UI process's dark background instead of the light web process background. That is, everything is now perfect except for the background, and the background is only wrong because it is still drawn using the UI process theme!

I'm going to give r+ because your patch moves us far in the desired direction. Everything except the background now works as desired, which is much better than before. We'll probably get new bug reports from users once this lands though, because dark mode users are going to see more dark text on dark background than they did before this patch. So after this patch lands, then a full, complete fix for all our dark mode problems would simply require rendering a default web view background in the web process, instead of allowing the UI process background color to peek through. So I plan to close all existing dark mode bugs and open one new bug for the background. Do you agree? And: is the background something you'd have time to work on?

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