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--- Comment #5 from mdrejhon <mark at blurbusters.com> ---
At the minimum, a nominal support for 120Hz requestAnimationFrame() only.

FireFox and Opera are compliant despite them using WHATWG.  It's not mutually exclusive...  There is nothing in WHATWG specifying that it must be limited to 60Hz.

Many vendors including NVIDIA quotes TestUFO as their test of choice.  For example, NVIDIA announced a partnership with BlurBusters in a TestUFO demo that is compatible with their 360 Hz gaming monitor -- https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/nvidia-geforce-360hz-esports-gaming-monitor/

There is a dramatic spike of mobile visitors to TestUFO, now being visited by million visits per month.   

Other websites, have started to assume that requestAnimationFrame matches refresh rate, and even Microsoft Edge (the Chromium version) now is compliant.   

Apple Safari is now the lone browser that cannot do 120Hz requestAnimationFrame()

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