[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 205685] XMLHTTPRequest POSTs blob data to a custom WKURLSchemeHandler protocol crash

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Sun Jan 5 23:14:24 PST 2020


--- Comment #3 from mali <ak4868 at 163.com> ---

I found that when wkwebview creates the httpbody corresponding to FormData, it will first call the WebCore::blobRegistry method. The return of this method is actually the value of the static variable s_platformStrategies, and this static variable is not initialized, which will cause crash .

namespace WebCore {

static PlatformStrategies* s_platformStrategies;

PlatformStrategies* platformStrategies()

    return s_platformStrategies;

void setPlatformStrategies(PlatformStrategies* platformStrategies)
    if (!s_platformStrategies) {
        s_platformStrategies = platformStrategies;

    // FIXME: This happens when mixing different platform strategies, and we should probably
    // throw an exception here in release builds.
    ASSERT(platformStrategies == s_platformStrategies);


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