[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 207617] Regression(macOS Catalina): sudo safaridriver --enable not working

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Thu Feb 13 03:31:14 PST 2020


--- Comment #4 from Philip Jägenstedt <philip at foolip.org> ---
I'm afraid I'm not able to try a beta version of macOS, my MPB is my work machine and on CI systems like Azure Pipelines you can only use the versions the currently support.

Is the problem that's been fixed in the recent Seed build one that was introduced in 10.15 and broke `sudo safaridriver --enable` for both Safari stable and STP? If so it's probably the same issue, but otherwise this might be different.

If I did have access, the way I'd test it is to start from a fresh OS install and run `sudo safaridriver --enable` without ever having launched the browser before. If when the starting the browser the "remote automation" option is checked in the context menu, I'd bet it will also work in a CI setup.

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