[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 185448] getUserMedia not working in apps added to home screen that run in standalone mode

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--- Comment #90 from gabrielstuff <gabriel at soixantecircuits.fr> ---
Thanks Thomas for keeping us up to date. All the other ones, welcome to the roller coaster �� !

We are at 5 months of the last �� anniversary. During the summer, we had to unfortunately discover that the features showed in the beta did not land in the release : https://twitter.com/ChromiumDev/status/1136541745158791168?s=20

Apparently for security reason as Eric Carlson said (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=185448#c20)

We really should wait for the release before saying it is fixed. We might discover an other security issue or something else.

As a remember, you can test: https://qrsnapper.appspot.com or https://go.stance.com/ added to home screen.

As for Cordova/Phonegap, remember that last year the fix was on *SFSafariviewController* not WkWebviewController. 

Thanks Thomas for testing on Chrome which use WkWebviewController and confirm that, it does not work.

Would like to know if Apple let SFSafariviewController with transparent controller land in the app store.


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