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Thanks for the review.

>> Source/WebCore/platform/image-decoders/ScalableImageDecoder.h:75
>> +        return *m_data.get();
> m_data can be null and this is why it isn't a Ref<SharedBuffer>.

Will do.
However, the decorders don't do the null check of m_data. For example, GIFImageReader::decode dereferences m_data->size() without the null check.
The reason of Ref<SharedBuffer> is that it is not set in the time of ScalableImageDecoder construction.

>> Source/WebCore/platform/image-decoders/bmp/BMPImageReader.cpp:128
>> +    if ((m_decodedOffset > m_parent->data().size()) || ((m_parent->data().size() - m_decodedOffset) < 4))
> The decoder here is called m_parent while it is called m_client in GIFImageReader. Can't we use the same name for both? Or can't we add a base class for both of them named "ImageReader"? In ImageReader, we can define the relationship between the reader and the decoder.

Implementations of *ImageReaders varies.
PNGImageReader and JPEGImageReader don't have m_data, and PNGImageReader::decode and JPEGImageReader::decode take 'const SharedBuffer&' as the argument.
I think this is better than BMPImageReader and GIFImageReader because ScalableImageDecoder::m_data is guarded by m_mutex.
Anyway, I'll do it in follow-up patches.

>> Source/WebCore/platform/image-decoders/bmp/BMPImageReader.cpp:160
>> +    if ((m_decodedOffset > m_parent->data().size()) || ((m_parent->data().size() - m_decodedOffset) < m_infoHeader.biSize) || !readInfoHeader())
> Since m_parent->data() is repeated many times in this file, can't we add a wrapper: SharedBuffer* data() { returns m_parent->data(); }?

Will do.

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