[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 203232] Touch events are dispatched to document element when the original target is detached and preventDefault was called for previous event

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--- Comment #4 from Xidorn Quan <xidorn-webkit at upsuper.org> ---
> As far as I know, our implementation of touch events isn't meant to match any particular specification. You say there's a behavior change between iOS 12 and 13 and that's worth investigating.

I think the touch events behavior is covered by Touch Events spec https://www.w3.org/TR/touch-events/#the-touchmove-event which stats:
>  The target of this event must be the same Element on which the touch point started when it was first placed on the surface, ...

which matches all other browsers as well as iOS 12.

> We now implement Pointer Events. Do you see similar behavior with Pointer Events?

I haven't tried yet, and I'm not quite familiar with Pointer Events, but will have a look.

Actually I was a bit surprised that you decided to implement Pointer Events, as I thought WebKit was publicly against this.

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