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--- Comment #3 from Ben Nham <nham at apple.com> ---
I do not think it will be a huge win, because we are not blocking DOMContentLoaded or FirstMeaningfulPaint on these resources loading. It would impact AllSubresourcesLoaded time only. There are 13 resources on the Amazon snapshot in the test that exhibit this behavior. The other sites in the test would be unaffected.

For PLT5:

1. On the cold run, we'd have to do the 13 GETs, but potentially the 13 HEADs could be served out of cache.
2. On the warm run, all 26 requests (13 GETs and 13 HEADs) could potentially be served out of cache.

We open multiple connections to the PLT5 server in parallel, so we save on 6 parallel SSL session setups to the same hostname, plus 13-26 transmission delays which are parallelized onto those 6 concurrent connections. Probably looking at something 100-200 ms saved on the warm Amazon PLT.

I can try to jerry-rig up some quick and dirty patch to try to get a better estimate from the A/B bots.

Another consideration is that maybe we should not bother caching HEADs directly but just support the downgrade from a cached GET to a cached HEAD.

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