[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 202880] Epiphany can't load webpages in Wayland session with Sway compositor

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--- Comment #3 from Patrick Griffis <pgriffis at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Ryan Walklin from comment #2)
> I've done a bit more experimenting. Opening Epiphany from the .desktop file
> in gnome-shell works fine under both Wayland and X sessions, however if I
> try to call epiphany from the command-line (as I'm doing with Sway using an
> fzf-based launcher) I can reproduce the same behaviour under gnome-shell, ie
> Epiphany launches but will not load pages.
> Attempting to use the .desktop file from the command line using gtk-launch
> with both Sway and gnome-shell also fails. 
> I note the error message contains a root path (/.flatpak-info), might this
> be an issue with the runtime directory not set properly when loading from
> the command line?

`bwrap` would be creating the file in its own new tmpfs root. I can't imagine why it would fail.

Trying to reproduce locally on GNOME-Shell (Fedora 30) and I cannot. The source of `gtk-launch` is very simple also and doesn't seem to do anything crazy.

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