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--- Comment #5 from Carlos Garcia Campos <cgarcia at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Milan Crha from comment #1)
> The way I did it recently in Evolution was that I use JSC for the
> communication on both sides. If the script wants to say something to the
> client side, it does so through a custom signal of
> > window.webkit.messageHandlers.MYSIGNAL.postMessage(data);
> to which the client side listens. And when the client side wants to say
> something to the extension, (well, I do not talk to the extension, I only
> call javascript routines loaded in the extension), I just use javascript
> calls too.
> I mean, there are ways to rely on WebKit's IPC already.

Yes, that's what we have suggested to do for simple cases to avoid having to implement your own IPC. But that's more limited, and doesn't cover all the cases. Epiphany does the same, but it still needs to use DBus for other cases. The new API will make both cases a lot easier in any case.

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