[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 197613] Clicks inside iframe doesn't work after it being scrolled

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--- Comment #5 from Victor N <victorsignup at gmail.com> ---
Correct! Yes I can reproduce the issue with "Async frame scroll" turned off. 

The issue happens when the internal scrollbar of the iframe is scrolled using javascript.

But there is a catch here, iOS have a non standard behavior, it expands the iframe height to the height of its content, eliminating the internal scrolling, hiding this bug (because you can't scroll).

But if you force the iframe to NOT expand to its content so theres more content than the height (which is the way other browsers render it) and you scroll it down using JS, the "tap areas" becomes misaligned from the elements, making then inaccessible to taps.

I found two ways of making the iframe not expand to its content:
1. Enabling "Async frame scroll" feature
2. Without Async frame scroll, set height of the iframe to a non percent value, and set scrolling=no
  e.g.: <iframe height="500" scrolling="no"></iframe>

My guess is this is an optimization by the engine, it assumes that when scrolling=no, it doesn't need to recalculate the "tap areas", even though they can be changed from Javascript land not only from the user input.

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