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--- Comment #3 from Alexander Mikhaylenko <exalm7659 at gmail.com> ---
Ok, so I got pretty reasonable performance scaling the web page to 1.0 scale and zooming the output on UI process side, then scaling the page to the desired size at the end.

It's still not perfect, when you're zooming from non-1.0 scale, it might lag once  at the beginning on certain pages, such as YouTube (where the status quo zooming is basically unusable), but it's IMO _a lot_ better than what we have now. The zooming itself is predictably perfectly smooth on every page.

Video still plays during the zooming :p It is a bit blurry, but it would be same if you zoom in anyway, now it's just same when zooming in or out.

I'd still love to find a way to do it without the initial re-scaling, to eliminate the initial lag completely and reduce blur. But honestly, seeing as rendering is very tightly coupled to the viewport, I'm not sure it's possible without major changes in the rendering :/

Another problem: scrollbars are scaled with the content. Well, that was expected. Maybe I can hide those scrollbars and draw them separately during the gesture.

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