[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 194808] REGRESSION (Safari 12): SafariForWebkitDevelopment won't load any pages on Mojave, nightly builds broken

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--- Comment #32 from Joanmarie Diggs (irc: joanie) <jdiggs at igalia.com> ---
(In reply to Alexey Proskuryakov from comment #31)
> I guess one more questions that needs to be asked: which versions of macOS,
> Safari and which WebKit archive work for you? Also, what exactly were the
> steps that worked?

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Safari
2. In the address/location bar, type apple.com* and press Return

*Any site will do, however.


I'm using Mojave version 10.14.3.

What works:
* System version: v12.0.3 (14606.4.5)
* Safari version: v12.2   (14608.1.9.1)

The above work when:
* Launched via Dock
* Launched via iTerm

What doesn't work: WebKit built locally
 * Launched in iTerm via Tools/Scripts/run-safari
 * Launched in iTerm via Tools/Scripts/run-safari --no-saved-state
 * Launched in iTerm via Tools/Scripts/run-minibrowser

run-minibrowser reliably gives me an endless error spew (WebContent process crashed; reloading) until I terminate the process. No window appears.

run-safari does give me a window and looks normal, but loading sites via address/location bar, or command line, or by clicking favorites fails.

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