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--- Comment #4 from Daniel Bates <dbates at webkit.org> ---
So, I've got some good news 🙂 and some bad news 🙁 for you. Let's do good news first:

Following the fix in bug #190017 we now allow programmatic focus if you have a hardware keyboard attached (i.e. calling .focus() in JavaScript will do something now! 🎉)

Now the bad news:

We (Apple) like the current behavior and do not want programmatic focus to bring up the keyboard when you do not have a hardware keyboard attached and the programmatic focus was not invoked in response to a user gesture. Why you may ask...because auto bringing up the software keyboard can be seen as annoying and a distraction to a user (not for your customers, but for everyone not using your app) given that:

1. We bring up the keyboard, which takes up valuable real estate on screen.
2. When we intent to bring up the software keyboard we zoom and scroll the page to give a pleasing input experience (or at least we hope it is pleasing; file bugs if not).

But you're an app developer and are embedding a WKWebView you say... you may be in luck 🍀. I could swear we have API you can toggle to tell WebKit you are OK with auto-showing the keyboard, CC'ing Wenson as maybe my memory is wrong or it's SPI ("private API") or it's non-existent. If we don't have such API then there is still hope for you, re-title this bug, and re-phrase this request as an enhancement. Otherwise, as this bug is titled and worded now it is destined for Resolved Not To Be Fixed.

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