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There's some more detail here: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-realms/issues/200#issuecomment-472190359. This is a minimal repro case:

    const alwaysThrowHandler = new Proxy(Object.freeze({}), {
      get(target, prop) {
        throw new Error(`unexpected scope handler trap called: ${prop}`)

    const proxy = new Proxy(Object.create(this), {
      __proto__: alwaysThrowHandler,
      get: (target, prop) => target[prop],
      has: (target, prop) => true,

    with (proxy) eval(`(async () => {})()`)

This runs fine with V8 but throws "unexpected scope handler trap called: getPrototypeOf" in JSC.

Putting a breakpoint on "ProxyObject::performGetPrototype" shows that it comes from "JSScope::resolve" being called with "newPromiseCapability", which I think is from the implementation of "let promiseCapability be @newPromiseCapability(@Promise)" in BytecodeGenerator.cpp.

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