[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 170179] VoiceOver does not announce a list for groups of links when list-style: none;

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the solution is to use ARIA roles list and listitem to restore the semantics.
<ul role="list">
  <li role="listitem">This is the first item</li>
  <li role="listitem">This is the second item</li>
  <li role="listitem">This is the third item</li>
  <li role="listitem">This is the fourth item</li>

also see the CSS:
.list li {
  list-style-type: none; /* remove bullets */

.list li:before {
  content: "\200B"; /* add zero-width space */

<ul class="list">
  <li>This is the first item</li>
  <li>This is the second item</li>
  <li>This is the third item</li>
  <li>This is the fourth item</li>
even i suggest you testing for fix is that it does not impact JAWS or NVDA

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