[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 199016] [WinCairo] Allow RemoteInspector socket protocol to exchange backendCommands.

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--- Comment #1 from Basuke Suzuki <Basuke.Suzuki at sony.com> ---
1. Attach hash of embedded backendCommands.js to backend when sending `SetupInspectorClient` event. https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/blob/89c28d471fae35f1788a0f857067896a10af8974/Source/WebKit/UIProcess/glib/RemoteInspectorClient.cpp#L209

2. Backend checks received hash with its own backendCommands.js. If they are different, send the content to frontend. If they are same, send empty string. https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/blob/89c28d471fae35f1788a0f857067896a10af8974/Source/JavaScriptCore/inspector/remote/glib/RemoteInspectorServer.cpp#L277

Note: The result of 2 is returned via DBus's feature. Our implementation needs to create a new event for that.

3. Client get the backendCommands result and pass it to remote inspector proxy. https://github.com/WebKit/webkit/blob/89c28d471fae35f1788a0f857067896a10af8974/Source/WebKit/UIProcess/glib/RemoteInspectorClient.cpp#L237

Note: This must be the first message for client to process. It can be possible `SetTargetList` event is delivered before it. We need to sync this situation.

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