[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 198964] Safari crashes after ~2028 OfflineAudioContext objects are created (they never get garbage collected, consuming a thread each)

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Wed Jun 19 05:46:48 PDT 2019


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Above for loop is only test code to reproduce the problem quickly. The actual application was receiving new audio data every 100ms, loading it in a AudioBuffer to use with AudioBufferSourceNode.start() and calling OfflineAudioContext.startRendering(). The oncomplete callback is successfully called. 

But nothing gets garbage collected (all the buffers etc stay), making it look like a memory leak. But as a hack, setting oncomplete = null after oncomplete is called causes garbage collection of everything except OfflineAudioContext objects. Very little memory is consumed by the OfflineAudioContext objects, < 40KB total. But OfflineAudioContext objects seem to be holding on to the threads causing a crash as soon as around 2020 to 2035 objects are created.

Trying to call AudioBufferSourceNode.stop(), AudioBufferSourceNode.disconnect(), setting all web-audio objects to null in or after oncomplete, etc doesn't help.

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