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--- Comment #9 from Dan <kentbriggs5 at gmail.com> ---
Any progress on this? I've noticed two similar nasty issues recently and I'm wondering if they might be caused by the same underlying problem.

1. The video from remote streams sometimes freezes if you minimize the browser then come back a few seconds later. This is quite rare and I haven't found a reliable way to reproduce it. But the it looks the same as the original issue I described. Everything about the video track is normal (enabled, not muted, readyState is live, etc), video element is not paused, and calling .pause() then .play() resolves it. But I haven't found a way to detect it. I also logged getStats results in my test to make sure I was receiving video data. Everything looks fine, the video is just frozen on the screen.

2. Remote audio sometimes freezes. I've seen something very similar to the point above but for audio. We've had several users of our application report this issue. It shows up as one person on iOS safari not being able to hear one of the other participants. To be clear, they can hear everyone else, and everyone can hear them. They just can't hear 1 person. I managed to reproduce it only a couple of times after trying for several hours (hundreds of attempts - not highly reproducible!). Similar to the video issue above, the viewer is receiving audio data and the audio track looks fine, plus, the audio element is not paused. But audio can't be heard. Calling .pause() then .play() fixes this as well. The problem is that I can't detect it. I'm even using the web audio API to ensure we are getting sound and indeed we are. Everything seems to be working well, the user just can't hear the sound. I've considered just calling .pause() then .play() on an interval to ensure it never gets stuck in this state, but the paused state seems to last almost a second on my iPhone. Having audio cut out for a second on a regular interval just isn't an option :)

Let me know if you think these might be related to the original report. If not, I'm happy to file a new bug report. These are big problems for us so I'd love to get them solved.

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