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--- Comment #4 from Takashi Komori <Takashi.Komori at sony.com> ---
## How CurlRequest crash.

-- Main Thread ------------------
1) URL object url is generated by isolatedCopy in CurlRequest::start().
2) CurlRequst::invokeDidReceiveResponseForFile is called.
3) url is copied to m_response.url
4) Woker task is generated.
5) return to CurlRequest::start()
6) At end of CurlRequest::start() url is destructed generated in (1

-- Worker Thread ------------------
a) Start CurlRequest::invokeDidReceiveResponse() as a worker thread.
b) response is copied by isolatedCopy().
c) CurlResponse::isolatedCopy() copies url by using URL::isolatedCopy().
d) URL::isolatedCopy first copies itself to result.
e) result.m_string is overwritten in URL::isolatedCopy().

Step 1) 3) d) increase reference counter of the same string object.
Step 6) e) decrease the reference counter.

Because StringImpl::deref doesn't change m_refCount atomically, in this sequence the counter becomes 0 by timing and wrongly destroy the String object and the destroied object causes the crashes.

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