[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 197752] [GStreamer] Consider blacklisting gstreamer-vaapi

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--- Comment #15 from Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro at igalia.com> ---
Update on this, trying to keep a bunch of parallel bugs in sync. freedesktop-sdk stopped using !72 and instead just disabled the gallium vaapi driver. This might have been a mistake, though: now we are getting complaints from non-gstreamer users of vaapi. Turns out everyone agrees that gallium driver is fine and gstreamer-vaapi is to blame for misusing it. That bug is https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/gstreamer/gstreamer-vaapi/issues/137.

And !72 has still not yet been merged.

This is just such a mess, and what's worse, it causes me to lose confidence in GStreamer itself as a dependency. It seems too easy to break WebKit by installing a bad GStreamer plugin. :/

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