[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 199378] [GStreamer] Video quality with gstreamer-vaapi is bad

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Sorry for the dup. I haven't searched for vaapi before filing.

I can't contribute technically and I'm not deep into this topic. Just from a user POV, it would be a shame if vaapi was blacklisted. I actually put hope in smaller webkit based browsers like epiphany because the major browser vendors fail to support hardware accel video on Linux for years.

Can you say that it's the driver's fault? Then I'll report the quality issues to AMD as well.

I also don't know how much Webkit can do or whether there is room for configuration. What I can say is that I'm using VAAPI with mpv all the time and it doesn't show any quality issues at all.

I actually just tested the above linked video with mpv+vaapi on the AMD hardware and the frame looks identical to the Firefox one.

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