[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 194007] New: [JSC][BigEndians] Several JSC stress tests failing

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            Bug ID: 194007
           Summary: [JSC][BigEndians] Several JSC stress tests failing
           Product: WebKit
           Version: WebKit Nightly Build
          Hardware: Unspecified
                OS: Unspecified
            Status: NEW
          Severity: Normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: JavaScriptCore
          Assignee: webkit-unassigned at lists.webkit.org
          Reporter: tpopela at redhat.com
                CC: mark.lam at apple.com, sbarati at apple.com,
                    ysuzuki at apple.com

After bug 132333 has been fixed by Mark (thanks again!) I can run the stress suite again on big endian machines. Nearly everything passes, but these fails:

+ '[' -f ./results/failed ']'
+ cat ./results/failed

Running stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default
stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default: Exception: Error: Bad!
stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default: assert at dataview-jit-get.js:5:24
stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default: test1 at dataview-jit-get.js:28:15
stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default: global code at dataview-jit-get.js:67:6
stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default: ERROR: Unexpected exit code: 3
FAIL: stress/dataview-jit-get.js.default

Running stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default
stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default: Exception: Error: Bad!
stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default: assert at dataview-jit-neuter.js:5:24
stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default: test at dataview-jit-neuter.js:20:15
stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default: global code at dataview-jit-neuter.js:32:5
FAIL: stress/dataview-jit-neuter.js.default

Running stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default
stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default: Exception: Error
stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default: assert at dataview-jit-set.js:5:24
stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default: test at dataview-jit-set.js:64:15
stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default: global code at dataview-jit-set.js:112:5
stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default: ERROR: Unexpected exit code: 3
FAIL: stress/dataview-jit-set.js.default

stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default: Exception: Error
stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default: assert at dataview-get-cse.js:5:24
stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default: test3 at dataview-get-cse.js:57:15
stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default: global code at dataview-get-cse.js:60:6
stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default: ERROR: Unexpected exit code: 3
FAIL: stress/dataview-get-cse.js.default

Running stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default
stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default: Exception: Error
stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default: assert at dataview-jit-set-nan.js:7:24
stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default: test at dataview-jit-set-nan.js:33:15
stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default: global code at dataview-jit-set-nan.js:52:5
stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default: ERROR: Unexpected exit code: 3
FAIL: stress/dataview-jit-set-nan.js.default

I see that some of these tests do have something to do with endianess (as stated in them). But I'm not sure whether it's broken, or these tests should be skipped when running on CLoop (on x86_64, ppc64le and others they passes - so probably the big endian part is buggy). What makes me thing about skipping them is that when Tools/Scripts/run-jsc-stress-tests --no-jit --memory-limited is involved then all the failing tests are printed prefixed with "Skipped", but they are run in the end.

Can you please Saam (as an author of these tests) clarify what's wrong?

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