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--- Comment #3 from Don Olmstead <don.olmstead at sony.com> ---
Awhile back Phil Christensen was doing some bug hunting on MSVC + WebKit and process.h causing issues was something that he hit.

> In our compiler development branch there is a recent change so <thread> will now include <process.h> from our CRT.  Unfortunately the WebKit build finds a file of the same name under WebCore\platform instead of from the CRT.  The reason we were first suspicious of the #pragma compiler change is because the same translation can also include the copy of process.h that is part of the forwarding headers which causes confusing redefinition errors.

> The change to <thread> that triggered this issue will be part of the compiler 16.0 release, so you will have some time to address it before it is released.  Depending on your build it may be as simple as swapping the order of the include paths.  If all the appropriate headers are copied under the forwarding headers, then maybe WebCore\platform can be removed from the include path altogether.  Although in big projects changes like this are rarely that simple.  If you are able to resolve your metabug 180064 then it would probably also address this issue.

I think first thing should be renaming platform/Process.h to platform/ProcessIdentifier.h just in case this is your issue.

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