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--- Comment #18 from William J. Edney <bedney at technicalpursuit.com> ---
Mike -

The codebase I was working from 5 years ago has changed, but I found a chunk of code in a temp file that looked to be more-or-less working code (but probably should just be treated as pseudo-code - I'm sure you'll have to debug a bit):

Assume you have an Array of Objects that contain the parameters you want to feed to the sheet:

params = [
    {name: 'foo', value: <Node>},
    {name: 'bar', value: <Node>),

Assume that 'xsltDoc' is the *XSLT* document that you're using to process the source document and 'inputDoc' is the source XML that you're transforming.

for (i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {

    // Search the style doc to see if there's an 'xsl:param' element with a name matching params[i].name
    paramElem = xsltDoc.evaluate('//param[@name="' + params[i].name '"]', null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);

    if (paramElem) {

        // Create an 'xsl:variable' element and set it's name to be the same as the 'xsl:param'
        newElem = xsltDoc.createElementNS('http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform', 'variable');
        newElem.setAttribute('name', params[i].name);

        // Swap in the 'xsl:variable' element for the 'xsl:param' element
        paramElem.parentNode.replaceChild(newElem, paramElem);

        // Append the parameter node under the 'xsl:variable' element

That's about it. Go ahead and import the sheet:

processor = new XSLTProcessor();

And then run it through the processor:

resultDoc = processor.transformToDocument(inputDoc);

Note that this approach has the distinct disadvantage of modifying your *XSLT* document. If you need to do multiple transformations, you'll want to clone the XSLT document and keep a pristine copying before modifying it like this.

I would caution again that the code above is close, but probably has bugs. Sorry I don't have the original running source to give you.

If you run into issues, feel free to email me directly. My email address is: bedney at technicalpursuit.com

Hope this helps!


- Bill

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