[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 193535] [WPE][GTK] Cookies are lost when the NetworkProcess dies

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--- Comment #1 from Adrian Perez <aperez at igalia.com> ---
While the most obvious case of cookies being thrown over the cliff
happens when no persistence is configured for the cookie jar, even
after persistence is configured the session cookies will be lost
when the NetworkProcess dies. The reason why not all of them get
lost in this case is that cookies which have been persisted to disk
get reloaded from the “cookies.txt” text file or from SQLite when
a new NetworkProcess is spawned when persistence is configured. This
is because session cookies are never persisted.

>From my point of view it is a reasonable expectation that a fresh
NetworkProcess will have the same set of cookies as the old one.
The fact that non-persisted cookies are kept in memory by the
NetworkProcess is an implementation detail, and e.g. when using
the WebKitCookieManager to manually add a cookie, users of the
public API will expect that such a cookie will be always there
regardless of how many times a NetworkProcess is spawned under
the hood.

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