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--- Comment #2 from Joseph Pecoraro <joepeck at webkit.org> ---
The old reload would do:


Which ultimately does a load ignoring the cache in WebCore:

    void FrameLoader::reload(OptionSet<ReloadOption> options)
        ResourceRequest& request = loader->request();

        // FIXME: We don't have a mechanism to revalidate the main resource without reloading at the moment.

The new reload of Web Inspector (for PSON) - InspectorFrontendHost.reopen, just closes and opens the Web Inspector. This does an initial WebPageProxy::loadRequest which doesn't ignore the cache.

    void WebInspectorProxy::openLocalInspectorFrontend(bool canAttach, bool underTest)
        m_inspectorPage->loadRequest(URL(URL(), m_underTest ? WebInspectorProxy::inspectorTestPageURL() : WebInspectorProxy::inspectorPageURL()));

If we wanted to get this working for inspector² we would need some way to open the inspector ignoring the cache.

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