[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 200967] WebProcess ProcessSwapping problems

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Wed Aug 28 22:59:02 PDT 2019


--- Comment #5 from enometh at meer.net ---
Without understanding any of the complexity of process swapping or suspension
I tried commenting out 2 lines in UIProxy/WebPageProxy.cpp

-    if (fromItem && m_preferences->usesPageCache())
-        fromItem->setSuspendedPage(suspendedPage.get());

and this seems to avoid the problem I was reporting.

It would be nice to have a description of ProcessSwapping and suspension on
say blog.webkit.org with some design notes.

[On another note I notice a commit introduced WebKit/UIProcess/WebProcessProxy.h:    void didCreateWebPageInProcess(WebCore::PageIdentifier); - 
which does not seem to be defined or used anywhere.]

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