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Happy to!

Our app renders HTML/JS/CSS that’s shared with our web site (i.e. it is not created specifically for the WKWebView environment). It makes use of third party libraries at various points, a good example being a mapping library that downloads tile data via CORS. We also often make use of WebGL, loading cross-origin images for textures.

Right now it works fine, but since it’s loading directly over https:// we don’t have the ability to pre-cache anything before the WKWebView opens. Our hope is to be able to use WKURLSchemeHandler as a proxy of sorts, responding with locally cached content when it exists and going remote when not. Our current efforts in that direction use file:// URLs, which of course run into these exact same CORS issues. Ideally we’d use WKURLSchemeHandler instead, with scheme-relative URLs (e.g. <script src=‘//example.com/test.js'></script>) as a means to use the same code on both web and app, but that’s where we run into the CORS problems.

In short: we’re sharing code between WKWebView and “regular” web browsers, and don’t have enough control/flexibility to ensure that everything loads from a single origin.

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