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I would like to post a follow up to original Andrew's post.

Indeed, we had just 'sdtp' boxes in our test content (left from older trying to mimic another flavor of video stream). We removed them and here is the updated description of the problem. 

The fragmented MP4 video only stream added via MSE is accepted by Safari. The browser displays a few frames and then freezes afterwards. I created a simpler reproducer which can show the problem outside of primary application and with minimal client side JS code adding MSE buffers into video tag.

The way I understand the symptom is that video tag automatically transits from running to paused state once it reaches the last available video frame. Next appended frame results in buffering rather than resumed playback. 

I recoded a video of what I am seeing here: https://youtu.be/IKz0EDuwD0A

The behavior is consistent, a freeze shortly after playback is started, often on the second frame like on video.

The (beginning) original MP4 stream is here: http://alax.info/temp/2019-08-14/video-AA.mp4 (no 'sdtp' boxes in particular there).

When I click "play" again on video tag controls after freeze, the playback continues and it can freeze once again later. I can again resume it interactively. With sufficient data the stream plays presumably infinitely (at least 10 minutes and 1+ GB of data).

One another additionally weird symptom is that playback of this video only stream is, sometimes, associated with audio noise at the beginning of playback. Safari plays some half a second of junk audio for no apparent reason.

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