[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 200398] Add an SPI to suppress all WKWebView interactions except scrolling or zooming

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--- Comment #6 from Wenson Hsieh <wenson_hsieh at apple.com> ---
(In reply to Geoffrey Garen from comment #5)
> A similar API that suppressed loading proved super easy to use wrong, and we
> ended up with many cases when someone called _suppress... but did not
> balance it with a call to _restore...., and then everything mysteriously
> stopped working.
> Is there something you can do to make this API harder to use wrong?
> Some suggestions to consider:
> (1) Add release logging that tracks this state, so we can diagnose bugs in
> the field;

I agree that some carefully-chosen release logging would be beneficial here! However, I think the intent and implementation of this SPI is different than the more typical suppress-restore SPIs we have (such as _retainActiveFocusedState or WKDOMDocumentParserYieldToken).

It seems the SPI client invokes this when it wishes to begin temporarily begin suppressing certain types of interaction in the web view until the next user gesture — for instance, scrolling, pinching, tapping, or long pressing. When such a gesture happens, the completion handler passed in by the client is then invoked.

This means the call to -_restoreAllInteractions is actually optional, and only allows the client to stop suppressing interactions prematurely.

> (2) Instead of accepting a BOOL argument, return a token object, which
> offers a -cancel method, and which also calls -cancel automatically in its
> -dealloc method;
> (3) Throw an exception if someone invokes this API while a token is still
> outstanding;
> (4) Add a watchdog timer that will unconditionally cancel a token after a
> certain amount of time;
> (5) Don't use a special mode on the content view at all, and instead install
> another view on top, whose job is to intercept events and only forward
> scroll and zoom events.
> Also, we usually require automated API tests for new APIs like this.

Yes, this should definitely be tested. I think an API test would be ideal, but extremely challenging (if not impossible) since TestWebKitAPI isn’t a UI app on iOS, so user interactions like taps or swipes can’t be simulated — at least, until webkit.org/b/175204 is resolved.

It might be easier to make a layout test for this, and introduce UIScriptController hooks and plumbing to make it possible to invoke this API from a layout test’s script, and subsequently get notified in the script when the completion handler is invoked.

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