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--- Comment #4 from Michael Lehenabuer <mikelehen at gmail.com> ---
This problem is being reported by more and more Firestore customers. I've created a small repro page that just creates an IndexedDb transaction, does 10 writes, and repeats every 100ms.  If you send safari to the background repeatedly while it's running, you'll hit the bug easily.

Repro steps:

1. Open http://mike-shared.firebaseapp.com/ios-crash.html in iOS 12.2 Safari 
2. Press Home button.
3. Open safari again (just tap the app icon).
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until number on the page stops incrementing. On my iPhone 6S it usually happens within ~5 tries; most I've had to do is ~12.

Eventually the number on the page will stop incrementing. If you look in the JS Console you'll see:

[Error] put onerror – UnknownError: An internal error was encountered in the Indexed Database server
        (anonymous function) (ios-crash.html:63)

At this point, IndexedDb is completely broken.  Subsequent transactions fail saying that IndexedDb is closing, and if you try to open IndexedDb again, the request just hangs.

Let me know if you need anything else to investigate.  Thanks!

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