[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 196416] IOS 12.2 WebRTC Safari send track event with invalid MediaStream

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--- Comment #6 from Xin <betimer at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to youenn fablet from comment #5)
> (In reply to Xin from comment #4)
> > Hi Youenn,
> > 
> > Any further help you need from me? How is your side going? It can be
> > reproduced every time on the 12.2.
> > 
> > Let me know what extra information you need from me.
> I am still not clear on the request here.
> The initial issue is that two streams are created.
> I would believe that calling addTrack(audioTrack, stream) and
> addTrack(videoTrack, stream) will allow to get on the other side a single
> stream with two tracks.
> Can you confirm that and whether that fixes your issue?
> Your second message seems to indicate that only one stream is used by
> Safari, probably to generate the SDP so that Chrome then only creates one
> stream.
> That seems like a different bug to me.
> Can you clarify your issue?

Hi Youenn,

Thank you.

Yes, it should be 2 issues, but it may be related to each other, and that's why I mentioned both same time.

The first (main) one which this thread is also focusing on is that:
when safari call addTrack(audioTrack, stream) and addTrack(videoTrack, stream)
the remote party receives 2 track events with (audioTrack, stream1) and (videoTrack, stream2) (stream1 and stream2 are separate objects, and stream1 only contains audioTrack, stream2 only contains videoTrack)

This is different from ios prior to 12.2, which as you mentioned, the remote party with receive the same mediaStream object, which is the correct behaviour.

(ignore the second issue for this thread, I will check if there is some existing one, or need create new)

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