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--- Comment #12 from Ryosuke Niwa <rniwa at webkit.org> ---
(In reply to Alex Christensen from comment #10)
> > > Could we rename iframe to ibrowsingcontext, too?
> > I think this confusion points out why this might be a good idea.
> This was indeed a joke.  It was showing that "frame" is also used in the
> html spec to refer to a browsing context as a point to oppose this change.

You mean a frame element? WebCore::Frame definitely does not represent a frame element though.

The word "frame" is usually used to prefer to a frame of a screen / video in the HTML spec. e.g. https://html.spec.whatwg.org/#poster-frame

It's true that some specs colloquially refer to a browsing context as a "frame" but that's more of a legacy, and the state-of-art term going forward in the spec land is really browsing context.

(In reply to Alex Christensen from comment #11)
> We also have WKFrameInfo

Yeah, and WKFrame and what not.

Again, it's hard to tell which names would be better but since we don't have the power to change the terminology in the spec, we're probably better off alining ourselves to the spec rather than keep using a different name.

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