[Webkit-unassigned] [Bug 190656] useProbeOSRExit causes failures for Win64 DFG JIT

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Mon Oct 29 16:40:35 PDT 2018


--- Comment #8 from Ross Kirsling <ross.kirsling at sony.com> ---
A bit of progress:

The issue doesn't seem to be with the return value of DFG::VariableEventStream::reconstruct, as this is the same regardless of probe and regardless of platform.
the issue seems to be that this return value isn't appropriate as a stack pointer offset -- after all, it is simply thrown away in the non-probe path.

It appears that if we mimic this line from the non-probe path:

That is, if we replace numVariables with `codeBlock->jitCode()->dfgCommon()->requiredRegisterCountForExit` on this line:

Then all of the relevant test cases pass (even on Mac!).

The catch is that we still need to remove the lowWatermark assert mentioned in my last comment:
Not sure at the moment what correction needs to occur here.

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