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--- Comment #1 from Alicia Boya GarcĂ­a <aboya at igalia.com> ---
Recently YouTube stopped supporting playback of WebM sources without MediaSource Extensions, so we had to enable it, which was previously a experimental feature. Even if it looks like the same YouTube, what is behind the scenes it's actually very different.

MSE is still a bit rough around the edges. For instance, speed control is not implemented yet: it should not be very complicated to add, so hopefully it will be added soon-ish.

There are still some bugs that can be hit when seeking or changing video quality and these are quite hard to investigate because of the many layers and variables that MSE introduces, so if you find one, it would be extremely helpful for developers if you were able to go back, repeat the action that triggered the bug and provide a detailed sequence of steps that reproduces it (e.g. open this video, seek to 1:20, then wait 5 seconds, then seek to 2:00 when it's still marked as unbuffered, then this will happen...). I know it's not always possible, but when it is, it's extremely helpful.

Also, make sure to run the latest WebKitGTK version, since we are actively releasing bugfixes and improvements. In particular, just the immediate next version to the one you are running has many MSE-related improvements and it's already packaged in Debian testing. https://webkitgtk.org/2018/10/29/webkitgtk2.22.3-released.html

It's also important to run updated GStreamer, since new WebKitGTK versions may require updated versions of GStreamer, but your distro should already handle that for you.

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